Best Virus Scanner for Computer

Best Virus Scanner for Computer

malware, virus | June 18th, 2018

The array of cyber threat instances is increasing at a skyrocketing rate which means keeping your system protected is even more critical than it has ever been.

Computer hackers are floating new means to gain access to your PC and internet-enabled devices.

Cunning phishing email campaigns, hardware exploits, unauthorized access of your system, Ransomware encrypting useful data stored on your computer are few wicked deeds of system threats.

It is incredibly essential to have the best virus cleaner software to protect your computer and secure your data.

Need for Antivirus software.

Having an antivirus program installed on your computer system is as crucial as its Operating system.

No matter, how much aware you are of the potential dangers and practice extraordinary alert, a few system threats can’t be averted without the additional backing of a full antivirus suite.

You could, for instance, visit a site that unexpectedly shows noxious sponsored promotions. Accidentally visit a spam email or contaminated site. Or install a freeware program that might give access to your system to hackers.

The intensity with which cyber crimes are increasing merely checking for known malware is not enough. Your Antivirus software should be well equipped with an efficient analyzing tool so that even brand new “zero-day” attacks can be avoided.

However, we are not claiming that antivirus programs provide bulletproof protection to your system. Antivirus programs may not be able to stop-all zero-day malware but can inevitably detect when security gaps are getting utilized to introduce awful bits on your PC.

Any right antivirus tool should be a perfect mix of features providing magnificent protection, minimum usage of computer resources and a beneficial selection of useful features.

A virus scanner program is a crucial step towards the security of your computer. Gone are the days when choosing an antivirus was easy. Nowadays antivirus software’s are everywhere below cited are some quick ways to find the best virus scanner for perfect protection.

The crucial point to consider before choosing a Virus Scanner

1. Usability: An easy to use interface is the first and the most critical criteria to recognize while choosing an antivirus program. A sound system security program should be user-friendly, should be light on system resources and at the same time should have a high malware detection rate.

2. Protection of your PC: Protection from malicious malware is an essential feature of any antivirus program. A robust virus scanner should be able to scan, detect and remove all PC threats including Ransomware, Trojans, rootkits, Virus, etc. Additional features like Real-time protection and automatic software update also fall on the list.

3. Performance: Performance is something which cannot be compromised. The best virus scanner program should be high on performance and should be loaded with features like secure online banking, protection from phishing scams, USB protection, and web security.

Added Feature

User-friendly interface, lightweight module and 100% malware detection are the most prominent features of an Anti-virus module.

Mentioned below are few of the additional feature that you might want to consider before making your final choice.

· Web Protection: the Online world is spreading at an insane rate, and so is our dependency on network activities which has furthermore increased the need for web security programs. A right virus scanner module should be able to detect, flag and block all contaminated web links for safe surfing.

· Real-Time Protection: Relying only on scheduled system scans does not ensure overall security of your PC. Continuous and real-time protection from all existing, new and yet to be discovered malware is imperative for system health. A useful tool should work round the clock and block all nasty and malicious malware.

Adware Removal Tool: Pop-up notifications and ads are prominent carriers of system threats. Choose the best anti-adware tool to block all contaminated ads and banners.

Live Updates: Cybersecurity researchers keeps floating software updates to arm your antivirus program against the continuously evolving virus. Regular and periodic system updates are crucial to check both database updates for security against all the odds and system vulnerabilities.

Secure E-banking and complete protection from phishing assaults: The movement from physical banking to E-Banking has provided a massive platform for cybercriminals. Your virus scanner program should be able to save you from phishing assaults and online frauds.

USB drive protection: A tremendous amount of data is transferred through portable devices. An efficient module should be able to scan all the documents before they are opened on the system.

Safeguard your identity along with confidential information with an antivirus program which is easy to use, has less impact on system performance and has 100 % malware detection rate.

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